Test Warm-Up and Preparation (Intro/Prelim Level)

Test Warm-Up and Preparation (Intro/Prelim Level)

This lesson is a very comprehensive dressage test warm-up session for riders at Intro or Prelim level. It will warm up both you and your horse thoroughly in walk, trot and canter, allowing you to follow this session with a dressage test at a competition, or at home as an alternative warm-up to the 'Basic Warm-Up' download. The lesson will focus on your position, improving transitions, suppleness and stretching, and help you to practice the movements and shapes found in dressage tests at this level.

Your trainer for this lesson is Kim Ratcliffe, a British Dressage trainer and List 1 Dressage Judge. To find out more about Kim please click here.

This session is 28 minutes and 16 seconds in length, and is designed to be listened to whilst you are riding your horse.

Only listen to Sound Schooling audio lessons in a safe, enclosed area.