Mark Butler Foundation Series: Perfecting the Prelim

Mark Butler Foundation Series: Perfecting the Prelim

This is the third lesson in the Mark Butler Foundation Series, building on the previous lessons on aiding and rider position to introduce some of the basic movements found in Prelim level tests. You'll practice trot-canter and walk-trot transitions, free walk, give and re-take of the reins as well as exercises using the centreline, 20m circles and the long diagonal.

Your trainer for this lesson is Mark Butler, a former National Dressage Champion and dressage trainer. To find out more about Mark please click here.

The session is 20 minutes and 10 seconds in length, and is designed to be listened to whilst you are riding your horse.

You should ensure that you and your horse are warmed up before starting this lesson, and only listen to Sound Schooling audio lessons in a safe, enclosed area.